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Our Mission

Our Mission is to maintain and realize the full potential of human life by delivering quality medical, nursing, and supportive care to individuals and their families who require extended care at home.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to establish a healthy patient-care provider relationship while enjoying a good quality of life. It is our commitment to put the patient as our utmost priority in delivering excellent care. We encourage our client’s in making health related choices and decisions that benefits them the most. Integral to all these is our recognition of the family as an important support system towards the patients’ well-being.

what services we provide

Skilled Nursing

The Registered Nurse/Vocational Nurse provides quality skilled nursing care; monitors patients’ progress; instruct and educates to help assist patients toward a full and fast recovery; encourages family members to be active participants in the plan of care; and evaluates the patients’ further needs and response to the plan of care

Physical Therapy

A Registered Physical Therapist helps patients regain mobility through safe and effective exercises; utilizes appropriate use and care of equipment; and teaches caregivers how to work safely and effectively with patients.

Occupational Therapy

The Registered Occupational Therapist assists patients in regaining their ability to perform daily activities; and teaches patients effective use of adaptive equipment to perform physical tasks required for independent living.

Speech Therapy

A Licensed Speech Therapist assists patients in regaining speech that may have been impaired following an illness or accident. The therapist uses relevant techniques and methods appropriate for each patient.

Medical Social Services

The Medical Social Worker deals with social and emotional factors related to illness. A qualified social worker provides patients with a variety of services including therapeutic counselling and other community referral assistance which could help in the patient’s faster recovery.

Certified Home Health Aide Services

The Certified Home Health Aide Provides personal care and related services in the home; helps maintain good personal hygiene; assists in maintaining a healthy and safe environment; plans/prepares nutritious meals, if needed; assists the client with ambulation; and assist the therapist with rehabilitative processes.

Skilled Nursing Services includes

I.V. Fluids and Antibiotic Treatment via Peripheral Line, PICC Line and other Central lines

Diabetic Teaching and Insulin Administration

Catheter Care

Supervision and Administration of other Treatments/Injections

Drawing Blood and Lab Works

Wound Care

Who needs Home Health Services?

  • Patients who need short-term skilled medical care after returning home from the hospital.
  • Terminally and chronically ill and disabled patients who elect to receive aggressive treatments at home in lieu of hospitalization.
  • Older adults who need skilled medical and physical assistance due to illness or disability.

Who Are Qualified or Eligible for Home Health Care

Anyone with Medicare benefits who meets the criteria stated below are covered for home health care services by the Federal Medicare Program. The client will need a written order for home health services coming from a physician & podiatrist.

  • • Age 65 or older
  • • Under 65 qualified as disabled, or have chronic and Renal disease.
  • • Citizen or legal resident of the U.S.
  • • Home care program has been recommended and prescribed by a licensed physician.
  • • Homebound (a medical condition that would require a taxing effort for the patient to leave home without assistance).
  • • Requires intermittent skilled observation, instruction or hands on care by a nurse, physical, occupational or speech therapist.